well today a new amp showed up... i had a post last week asking what amp to get.. i know most of you said get the fender mustang well i did not get that instead went with my 2nd choice.. and i know back in the day these amps sucked.. let me tell you this amp sounds amazing for only $100.... cleans and distortion channel sound great.. and being able to adjust the frequency of the mids and the chorus channel is nice.... i dont gig any more just play at home.. or with friends once in awhile and was looking for something smaller to take with or just to mess with instead of using the bigger amps.. this amp is 40 watts in 2 8 inch speakers....

Rogue SC40R 40W 2x8 Stereo Chorus Guitar Combo Amp Features:

Compact size
True stereo chorus
Gain control for overdrive
3-band EQ with mid frequency adjustment
Built-in reverb
Connection for dual footswtich
Input for MP3/CD player
1/4" Headphone out

now onto the pictures.... and i know some will say no way that can sound good but it does....
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