Vocals- likes Metal, and most rock music. Favorite band a7x
Guitarist-me- Likes Rock and roll, Grunge, Occasional Metal, Likes playing clean guitar with chorus and dark sounding songs. AIC style guitar
Bass: as of right now I take bass too so same ^
Drums- Same style as singer. But he's all about speed and his recently bought double pedal shows it.

But I don't really like a Fast boring drums.
They like some of my stuff but They want something faster and i don't really want to do it.
It seems they just want to impress people.
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It really depends on who it is. Some people will be more flexible than others.
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compromise. someone you just need to play faster. or they need to go slower. realisticaly, it's not very big of a problem.
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Some sustained chords and darker, slower licks can work well with embellishment from the drums and it makes it more special when you do jump in and do a fast lick. Just as well, if the vocalist has vocals similar to like M. Shadows, where they're relatively versatile but find a niche in rock/metal, you can really work some melodic passages into it. Listen to some Opeth and Nevermore and you'll find most of it really isn't fast riffing while it's still technically challenging and 'showy' enough for your drummer and vocalist.

I'm kinda guesstimating on the talent and personalities, though, like said, they're the best to talk about here. Jam with them, figure out what niche you guys fall into. Far stranger influences have come together for insane music.
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Well it either sounds good or it doesn't, we can't really tell. Superficially it looks like everyone's on the same page except that you don't like how flashy the drummer wants to be. So maybe you should talk to him about it.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
metal - stemed from rock (usually credited as classic rock, and also somethmes incorrectly refered to as rock and roll) and blues
Rock - stemed from rock and roll blues and folk
Rock and Roll - stemed from blues boogie woogie and swing
grunge - combination of classic rock punk and metal

basically the point I'm trying to make here is that everything you say here is way more closely related than you seem to think. my advice is to try it, if it sounds good it blends well, if it doesnt than you guys clash.... play together long enough you will begin to mesh and make good music, there is no reason to look for things that wont allow the band to work, unless you don't want the band to work.
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.
If you want to be successful in a band you need to be flexible and open minded. 80% of a successful band is about working together and only 20% about your musical skills.

Stop thinking in terms of genre, it's very limiting musically. Concentrate on the song, do what it needs and be prepared to try anything once. You'll soon work out what works for you as a group and what doesn't. You're clearly at a very early stage once you've got 20 songs you're gonna find that, say, 5 you love 10 you are OK with and 5 are just to please your mates. That's what working with others is about.