I posted this in guitar gear but that forum seems pretty dead and I need a quick answer.

So I've got this Hughes and Kettner head with a Jackson cab. The head has two 120 watt outputs and it says "Min impedance 4 Ohms"

The Cab has two stereo inputs @ 8 Ohms and two mono inputs at 4 Ohms.

So basically I want to know which inputs I should be using so I don't have any issues. I have read somewhere that when you have 2 ins/outs the ohms divide or something, so I figured it best to ask before I plow my amp up.
Google would answer this very easily.

Stereo inputs could divide as there are two channels running through that, but you couldn't run two mono's through it as those are different cables.

Cannae thing. I may be a music tech student but I'm drunk. Y'know, cause I'm a student.
I think a more important question is...since when does Jackson make cabs?
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