Hello everyone,

Well it is finally that time where all of my hard work in school is paying off and I will be graduating from college and starting my full time job in a few weeks. I've had to sell off all of my gear while here at college, and am looking to build a nice pedal board up. I'll try to organize this as best as possible, and I apologize in advanced for the walls of text.

Budget: This is negotiable, I will be making a lot of money compared to what I make now, and will be living off of the same amount that I make. This will also be spread out over a few months or longer so its not like I'm going to buy everything right now. I don't mind going to boutique route, and have two boutique pedals already.

Genres: I know its probably cliche to say I play a bit of everything, but there is not really another way to describe it. I play a lot of blues/country/jazz music and also play some classic and modern rock. I don't get too much heavier than Metallica so its not like I need a "CRUSHING OVERDRIVE UBER BROOTZ" pedal.

New or Used: I'm open to either, but since this isn't a "I'm buying everything right now" type of thing I'll want to take the new price into consideration when I start deciding what to buy.

Home or Gig: This is one where it gets a little bit interesting. I play a lot at home, but am also starting to get heavily involved in building amps for people here in my area so I want to also have equipment that is nice enough that should I suddenly have a drastic increase in orders that I could get some good recordings done. I also jam with some guys every now and again. Since this isn't an amp thread this probably doesn't matter much though.

Closest City: Greenville SC - So Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh would also be possible places.

Current Gear -
Austin Telecaster
My own custom designed amplifier - Basically think a VoxAC30 with some extra balls
Wampler Underdog Overdrive
Wample Analog Echo
By the end of the year I plan on adding a custom guitar and a dumble clone to these, and possibly a rebuilt Fender Brown Deluxe.

So the types of pedals that I am looking to get
Tuner, Chrous, Wah, Overdrive, Delay, Fuzz, Booster, Distortion.

My ideas so far
Tuner: TC electronics Poly Tune
Chrous: Unsure about this one...
Wah: Mod a Dunlop Cry Baby?
Overdrive: ZenDrive or Tube Screamer?
Delay: I already have an "Analog" sounding digital delay so I'm also looking for a nice analog one
Fuzz: Open to suggestions
Booster: I may just build a MosFET booster, but I'm open to suggestions.
Distortion: I was thinking about getting a DS-1 and modding it but I am open to other suggestions.

I want to be able to get a huge variety of tones from these pedals so take that into account when thinking about what may help.

So basically an entire set here. I have a feeling this might be a horrible idea, but I'll give it a go. If there are any problems here, or if this shouldn't have been posted then please delete it Mods.

Sorry about the wall of text again. Have at it guys.
tubes. you need more tubes.
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Quote by XgamerGt04

My ideas so far
Tuner: Korg Pitchblack/ Sonic Research Turbo Tuner
Chrous: Waterfall? Not too sure on Chorus pedals.
Wah: Mod a Dunlop Cry Baby! Or maybe a CAE?
Overdrive: ZenDrive or Tube Screamer. Both very nice. I built a Zen (perfect for jazz!) and it sounds awesome! (have a spare PCB if you want me to build one )
Delay: Malekko 616 maybe?
Fuzz: Really depends what you need. WIIO and the Catty stuff is great.
Booster: Either build a mosfet or make a LPB or something. or a SHO
Distortion:get a DS-1 and mod it. best option and costs like nothing.

edited to help

realistically all depends on budget.
I completely forgot that I also need a compressor. I was looking at some of the Ross/Dynacomp offshots.
for your distortion look into the Rat 2 its better than a modded DS-1. Its not to rough perfect for Pink Floyd. David Gilmour actually used to use the pedal
Tuner: Sonic Research Turbo Tuner $129 new
Chrous: Red Witch Empress $200 used, Boss CE-2 $60-100 used
Wah: Mod a Dunlop Cry Baby? Fo shizzle. I love my modded Cry Baby
Overdrive: Build a King of Tone clone. They sound real nice. ~$40-50
Delay: EHX Deluxe Memory Man ~$200-250 used, Malekko Ekko 616 $150 new
Fuzz: Depends on what you want. For a Muff, Catalinbread Manx Loaghtan $160 new. For a Fuzz Face, just build your own.
Booster: Build either a mini-booster or use an op amp if you want transparency
Distortion: Depending on what you want, I'd get one of the Catalinbread pedals. They're great and all $160 or less
Compressor: Diamond Comp or Mad Professor FGC
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What about the Malekko Ekko is better than the MXR Carbon Copy (which I always assumed was sort of the standard for cheap analog delays)?
The repeats are brighter and less muddy, the modulation is more versatile and it oscillates better.
Rhodes Gemini
Fryette Ultra Lead
Peavey 6505
THD Flexi 50

Gibson R0 Prototype
EBMM JP13 Rosewood
Fender CS Mary Kaye


(512) Audio Engineering - Custom Pedal Builds, Mods and Repairs