I have been playing electric guitar for 1yr and 5mo. I can play barre chords and have started to learn how to use embellishments. Trying to make my guitar sound like more than just a glorified acoustic but when I play power chords they sound awful. I play a Epiphone Les Paul II http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Special-II-Electric-Guitar-100001870-i1149986.gc?source=4WFRWXX&CAWELAID=29483219. Hit individual strings and they sound fine but together they sound horrible. What am I doing wrong?
my sis's guitar has the same thing hard. picking and chords sound fine tuned standard but power chords sound really off so i do really just have to tweak the tuning a bit i just play a power chord and harmonize the lower strings usually but it does sound awful when its tuned perfect. or u might be bending a string a bit when you play the power chord and not notice that your doing it.
You might not be on the correct frets (just a guess).
try this:

Play that, and tell me which chords sound bad.
It could be your intonation. Do a good surge on how to intonate your guitar. Once you do that you shouldn't have any issues.
It's most likely that you're just not in tune.
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I bet what your doing, is your bending your strings. If you bend even slightly, you will get a bad power chord sound. Check the way your arching your fingers, and see if that helps.
I am embarressed. I could have sworn that I had just tuned the guitar. Usually it is not the guitar it is me so I thought It was me this time. Thanks
also when you play power chords I find that they typically sound better when the octave is in there

instead of the first one try the second one
|---|             |---|
|---|             |---|
|---|             |---|
|---|             |-3-|
|-3-|             |-3-|
|-1-|             |-1-|

the only thing that makes these more difficult is if the string the root is on and the string the octave is on are slightly out of tune.... also when ever a chords sounds bad, check your fretting, then check your tuning. 99% of the time that is what is wrong (I find that I sometimes fret incorrectly when I'm playing a guitar I'm not used to due to fret size and neck length)
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