Hey everyone, this is a new set of lyrics I wrote up an hour or so ago, I guess I can give the back story, if anyone is interested.

My girlfriend is still using drugs and shit, and I've been clean for awhile, so, she was telling me how miserable she is, but she won't accept my help, which I understand, so, I kind of just had to write something to get off my chest.

(I did a rough demo, if anyone wants to hear the melody)

When everything is going down from here,
Don't let it get to you, don't succumb to fear.
I put my trust in you, I put my love in you.
I bet it all, and even now I won't take it back because

It's a matter of life and death, but to ride on hope, and hope for the best.
I can only hope for you, and hope is love and love is the truth.
So in the darkest of days, and the brightest of nights, there will always be light.
For you to flutter to.

The end is the best, the best time to change, when you've had enough, when you've gone insane
I remember the hundred pleas, the thousand tears, this is your time to seize.

The dreams you had when you were young, to travel the world or simply lie in the sun.
In the field of innocence where you once played, those days have passed it all has changed.
Don't think of it for the worst, it's the start anew, to let old ways dilude.

Yes, poop.
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