I got a new guitar. It's a Fender Telecaster Blackout HH Special Edition made in Korea. Pretty good, at least I like it. It has--
-25.5" scale
-22 frets
-No fret markers ON the board (some on top though..)
-Rosewood fretboard
-Maple neck
-Medium-jumbo frets
-Sleek carved-topped Basswood body
-Set neck
-Seymour Duncan Pearly Gate (Bridge)
-Seymour Duncan SH-1 RP (Neck, Reverse Polarity)
-Black hardware
-3-way pick-up selector (Like a Les Paul)
-2 controls (Master Volume, Tone)
-String through body
and mine, since it's used, came with Schaller Strap Locks.


I'm gonna start on these pickups. There real Seymour Duncans. The SH-1 RP in the neck gives it a weird tone, not saying it's bad. It's just different. It's warm but, out of phase? It's sort of hard to explain unless you hear it. The neck on clean sounds so warm and nice and distorted is pretty beast and growls. Both of the pickups together, well that's just another tone altogether. It splits the Pearly Gate and the SH-1 RP. So it's out of phased, warm, ballsy and just plain BEAST! It sounds so good if you want to play... anything. The Pearly Gate is extremely good. It can go from Hardcore to Blues with a quick change of your tuning and change a little bit of stuff on the amp. It's pretty beast. I know, your saying "Oh, you like these pickups so much!", And I do, but once I get the chance I'm switching out to some EMG's.. And since I play mostly hardcore stuff, it would be a wise choice for me. You may not agree, however, am I not the one writing a "review" on this guitar?

Next onto the neck. It's comfortable, thin and flat. 15.75" Radius, fun to play for almost anything. Has really good accessibility to the higher notes. Just a good neck, you have to get used to it of course. It is thinner than regular Tele's.

Not much to say here. Sounds good. I mean it's a Fender, right?


This is my first attempt to making a review for ANYTHING, if it's not good, sorry. In my opinion it is a good guitar. Very versatile. You don't really see them around since they are discontinued but still... It's great, you just need to adjust it to what you want it to sound like. I bought it for 200$, and it was a wise 200$. If you do get a chance to buy one, with no regrets, buy it!

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Thanks and idk! It's a pic the guy sent me before I bought it and I'm too lazy to recharge my camera... So I just used them. Haha.
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There are no words to accurately describe my disdain for this post.