i went to the store to check some amps and played some time in this marshall and it sounded good to me, with the 4 built-in effects and all, had a nice crunch and overdrive.

anyone had it or knows if its worth? it was about R$ 900 (brazillian money)
if so, any other suggestions? im pretty much playing punk rock and metal, so i kinda want both nice clean and heavy overdrive...

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Well, that's why I asked. MG30s don't cost anywhere near that much in the US, so I was hoping to get an idea of what other amps were in that price range where you are. If you're not sure, you could start looking for things like a Valveking or a Jet City or an Egnater.
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Genres? - mostly punk and metal

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is it wrong to push threads here?

You mean bump? Depends. I can't really help you farther than what I said. Though I know the Peavey Vypyr, Roland Cube xl series, and Blackstar are all popular amps. Everyone will suggest a 6505, but I hate that piece of shit.
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is it wrong to push threads here?

It varies from forum to forum. If it's a busy forum such as GG&A I usually wait 'till my post hits third page to bump it. If it's a forum like Riffs and Recordings which doesn't get much traffic nowadays second page bumping is fine.

What other amps are in the store? Brands and general pricing.
..I was watching my death.
well, from what i remember there are a few fenders in there, but the variety wasnt great. i think it would be better if you guys gave me a few suggestions of amps from known brands, because since im in brazil some of the amps might not be sold here.
You might have luck scoring a Peavey of some sort. A 6505+ 112 would fit the bill. Or you could go for a Vyper Tube if you want more versatility.
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6505 has more gain than anyone would ever sanely need. The Vyper tube has plenty of gain and od on tap.
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I own an MG30 without effects, and while I probably wouldn't buy one because of the knowledge I've picked up over the years, I had no issues with it and it was fine for bedroom use.
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That Peavy has a good overdrive?

I still don't recommend the 6505. But the Vypyr Tube is great sounding from what I've heard.