Hi, there. Was wondering what kind of recorder do u guys use? In badly need of a nice recorder. I've just looked into this 4-track Digital Multi-track Recorder. I plan to use this recorder to gather audio "ambiance" and to do voice-overs. Anyone ever have experience with it?? Is the size too small? Is it easy to use?? How about its quality? Any other good options??
An option I'm fond of is the Boss BR-600. You can record guitar, bass, and vocals with it. It's pretty decent for its price range. For an example of it in action, check out the songs on my profile
I have it, its pretty nice, the mics aren't that good, but it does a fair job recording what you want for demos and stuff. its not very big, but it is only a 4 track, its pretty easy to use, a couple of hours and you're away. in terms of voice-overs, you might want to plug a seperate mic into into it as oppose to the built-in ones.
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