Not sure if this is the right section or not but I had take take off the back plate to push the output jack back out because the nut fell off. But after I did one of the wires that were soldered on managed to break off. There's 2 that are connected but only one came off, I don't seem to see an issue at the moment but it is going to bother me until I find out.

Everything seems to work fine so far that I know of but can someone tell me what the purpose of 2 wires are and what they do? Also is it something I need to fix now? I kind of positioned the wire so it's stuck between a few things to keep it touching the place where it was soldered so technically is it connected right now.
if everything appears to work right it was just a ground. getting shocked while playing will confirm this. if i was you i would go buy a cheap soldering iron and some solder and put it back on. if you need the schematics just google it.

this is also not the right place for this question. there is a guitar wiring thread in gear building and customizing.
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