Sup UG. Want to finally get a proper tube amp. My ears demand it. 2x12 or maybe 1x12.

Budget: Up to $1200-1400 USD MAX. It'll need to cover both a head and a cabinet, which is preferable so I could use the cabinet with other amps as well. Although I am willing to just get an awesome combo if it'll be a HUGE difference.

Genre(s): I'd like to be able to pull off an Eric Johnson-esque tone. I don't have his fingers or his budget, and I don't necessarily feel the need to have my amp tilted at an angle with an uncapped can of Armor-All on top in order to get his EXACT sound, but I'd like to get as close as I can. That's the main priority. Van Halen + Paul Gilbert + MUSE + some sort of clean tone would be nice too.

New or Used?: I'd like to get a new one. Unless it's from a store or something that I can easily return a lemon if I get that unlucky. But prefer new.

Home or Gig?: Mostly home with small gigs here and there.

Closest City: NYC

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Also have a Boss AW-3, Blackstar HT-Dual, and a Damage Control Solid Metal that didn't fit on the board.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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The Fender Vibrolux and Vox AC15 are the two best ive heard personally and thats the setup I'd get
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Maybe a JetCity JCA 2212.

u should be able to get a nice Van Halen tone with the wampler pinnacle btw.
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I know that Johnson gets his Ah Via Musicom!-era tone (Cliffs of Dover) from an old Marshall Plexi and a Fender Twin (both of which are way too big for bedroom levels), so I would assume to start looking at maybe a low wattage Marshall and/or a low wattage Fender amp, like a Haze or a Deluxe Reverb. (During a song he will switch between the two and a third amp which I can't remember what it was.)
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for versatility,cant go wrong with a peavey classic 50.pretty much capable of any sound you could want.pedals and effects work fine,from beautiful cleans to roaring distortion
The Fender and Vox have awesome cleans but I am a bit concerned about how the amp distortion is going to sound with them, even with an overdrive or distortion pedal going through them. I've heard that they can take pedals well, but based on some (limited) noodling on a friend's Fender and the AC4TV8, it seems like when the amp distortion gets to a certain point it sounds like it is going through a vintage radio or something? Not just a lack of a bottom end (which is expected with a tiny speaker cone) but the distorted sound seems a bit top heavy...

The Peavey Classic 50 seems promising, but there are a few concerning reviews that it is too bright/shrill without much low end...is that really the case?

My original plan was to get a Marshall MA50 but there were (again) people saying that they are rubbish...is that also the case?

The JCAs seems promising too, I'm liking the JCA50H right now.

Thanks for the suggestions! Any others?
Another vote for the JCA, I absolutely love mine, and it eats pedals for breakfast.
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Marshall MAs suck, you probably want to stay away from those.

I'll second the Peavey Classic though. Almost forgot about that amp. Should do what you want pretty easily.
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I'll advocate my own amp here: Fender HRD. Great cleans and, with an overdrive pedal, rockin' gain tones.
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traynor ycv40 or 50? 40 is more fendery (with a much better od channel than e.g. the fender hot rod deluxe, which is its main competition), 50 is (allegedly, I've only tried the 40) more marshally.

As they've been saying above, johnson uses both fender and marshall so it really depends on which of his tones you need more- though if you need van halen and paul gilbert too i'd lean towards the marshally one.
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