The song and arrangement idea work quite well, but the rhythm guitars sound mushy and need to have more definition to them. Now it sounds like you might have been bouncing down tracks, which will tend to cause some signal loss, especially on the high end. I have no idea what equipment you're using, so it's hard to say what is going on with the sound quality. Whatever it is, it is really hurting things.

Anyway, the bass guitar needs to be more "thumpy" than just allowed to bleed low end all over the track. More tight, focused thump will lend the track more propulsion and clear some room in the frequency spectrum for the other instruments and vocals.

The lead guitar needs to be brought up more in the mix with maybe a touch of delay or reverb.
Hey dude, I'll just list my thoughts.

- I wasn't a huge fan of the intro - just the chugs, I liked all the other layers. I thought they sounded out of place, but maybe that's just preference.
- The bass is just a huge rumble, not a whole lot of definition at all. It terms of the guitar and the double bass @ 3:05
- quite like the stoner esque feel at :48
-riff at 1:00 is interesting, can't help but feel the bass/ or guitar riff is too busy for the other. Could be the tone of the bass just cutting through in an odd way.
- the switches between slow stoner/doomy bits and the fastpaced stuff is jarring, that might be what your going for.
- really enjoy the bit at 3:28 From here on the song really picks up.

In general the tones are a bit rough and some of the lead playing is a wee bit off. It sounds like a few too many ideas mashed together, but again, maybe that's what your going for. The mix is a bit funny, can be a bit hard to tell whats happening.

But in saying that there are some good ideas in there man! I love that fast riff at the end!
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@CrawlingHorror, I wasn't bouncing down the tracks, It's just a shit computer and equipment. The guitars borrowed till I can get my electronics fixed in my own, and it's tone was just garbage even before I adjusted anything. I prefer to play in drop C and I can't even get into D standard without bad string rattle with this one. I'm recording through a Tone Port GX. I wasn't overly thrilled about my bass tone either, I'll definitely give your suggestion a try.

@Bloodsick, When I write it just kind of ends up an assortment like this, I like most forms of metal and hardcore punk. They kind of just get mashed up when I don't have a particular genre in mind. I'm a fan of just jumping from slow to fast and vice versa with minimal warning, I think the drastic change from one to the other helps emphasize the speed of a fast part or brutality of a slow part haha. I've got to work on my tones and was planning on re-recording all the guitar parts once my own guitar gets fixed and I can balance the two guitars and the bass track better.

Much appreciated from both of you
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As it is I quite enjoyed it. Though Im not well versed on this genre of music I would say that is does sound like ALOT of ideas put into one track. I like the changes from slow to fast but it does sound like theres too much going on sounds more like a medley then a song on its own maybe you could split this track into a couple of songs and expand on the ideas within them.

This song is pretty awesome, your style and songwriting is very good. It kept me wanting to listen to more and your unique riffs help a lot. Sounds great keep writing!