So I just got my new guitar in last week. A Hellraiser C-8 in metallic green, 1 of 12 made in that color , it has some other features that the normal hellraiser's don't but I won't get into that.

Here's my problem. I tune in drop G, so yes it's tuned up as supposed to dropping down. The gauges of strings I'm using are 66-52-42-32-24-16-11-9. Tension is ideal, nice a tight unlike the 59-10 I was using on my 7 string. There is absolutely no fret buzz with an extremely low action except for the low G, the 66. The buzz only occurs on the higher frets somewhere in the range of 1-5.

I'm thinking the reason for it is that the nut is slotted for a 74(standard for an 8) and the 66 is just sitting too low in the nut for it to get the proper distance away from those top frets.

Does anyone know of any easy fixes? I really don't feel like going through the hassle of having a new nut cut and put on there especially since the rest of the strings are perfect.
Put something under the string? like a little bit of tissue or super glue.
Or you could try putting some graphite in the nut slot, see if that works.

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if you are getting buzz on the first few frets, the truss rod might be a bit too tight. Try loosening it off a tiny amount (somthing like 1/8th of a turn) and try again. Just be sure you know what you're doing and be careful to not to strip the allen nut.
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If your'e using drop tunings, then how do you have a nut problem? You obviously don't have any.
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If your'e using drop tunings, then how do you have a nut problem? You obviously don't have any.

re read the post. he's using Drop G ON AN EIGHT STRING! that means he's tuning up to achieve the tuning.
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