I thought I found some pickups, but apparently not (long story!)

Anyway, I play a Fender HSS through a Fender 4x10 Deville...Honestly, it's a bit hard to describe my sound, so think Nirvana meets 60's bubblegum pop music (think Everly Brothers). I like crystal clear cleans and punchy distortion, but not muddy bass tones and definitely NOT super bright mids like AC/DC. What pickups would you recommend for me?

Actually, the other day I bought a JB and I really like it, but if you think I could benefit from something else please let me know & I'll try it out too!
^ A Super Distortion is exactly what he doesn't want.

As far as Dimarzio's go, I'd recommend a Mo Joe or AT-1 for the bridge, and if you want to change the other 2 pickups, Fast Track 1's or Pro Tracks if you want something a little hotter.
if you like the jb there's no really urgent reason to change it... this is from someone who doesn't really like it, lol, just so you know it's not a jb-fanboy response.

are you gonna use the jb for dirt and the singles for cleans? if so, i'd go with vintage output single coils.

If you use both pickups for both clean and dirty, you might want to get something which matches up a bit closer to the JB's output.
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