Rotosound Swing Bass 4 String Nickel 66

That's what it says on my receipt for my Fender Mustang Bass to be setup with new strings.

Can anyone comment on this string set? I don't know too much about bass strings and got a little confused with the technicalities when the sales rep started throwing terms at me.

A quick research on Google popped up some John Entwistle testimonials about these strings. If it's Entwistle, it must be Godlike right?
Are they any good?

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Rotosound Swings get nothing but praise on these boards. I've only ever tried the steel sets but they were bright, punchy, and really are some of the best strings to get the crunchy Entwistle like tone. I'd imagine the nickels would be exactly the same but a tad more mellower.
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I don't put much stock in testimonials, especially from AAA players; it's all sponsorship to me.

I don't especially like Rotosounds, they feel... sticky... But I can't really back that up. Strings are a very individual thing. On guitar, I use Elixir Baritones almost exclusively, on bass, I can't stand elixirs. Go figure.

For bass, DR strings are my favourite; they have a good amount of variety (Flats, stainless, ground, coated, coloured, neon)

Right now, I'm using the green Neon set for a 5-string, and I love them.
^ That stick you're referring to is probably because of the amount of grip it has due to its super roundwound-ness

I use those same strings, nice bright tone. Lasted alot longer than some previous strings i've used.
Love Rotos for Rounds. Depending on how much you play, they can last up to 6 months or more.
I've got nickel-plated 66s on two basses right now and they sound great. They're a very good string.
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When I used to use rounds it was the only one of two brands of strings the other being DR.
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thanks for the comments.

Well I just picked up my bass from my local guitar setup. It plays pretty nicely. Bright and clean tone - I also like the blue coating near the nut which adds a nice colour to it. I've read on UG reviews that it goes dull very quickly?