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i just recently picked up bass again after a good 4 or 5 months of strictly guitar playing, so i'm eager to start spicing things up when it comes to bass playing... right now i'm thinking some sick distortion. anyway, to the questions: i have an OG danelectro fabtone distortion pedal for guitar, has anyone here had any positive experiences when it comes to using guitar pedals for bass?

also, what does everyone here think about distorted bass? frankly, when i played bass i was learning fingerstyle and got bored, and now i'm taking a completely different approach (HARD jazz 3's and CRUNCH). i personally think it sounds GREAT when put to good use... i'd also appreciate it if you all posted videos of some tasteful bass distortion - here are some bands that i think rock it quite well:



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Hahaha that was the first pedal I bought for my bass. It just makes the bass sound tinny and weak, most guitar pedals will do that. I enjoy distorted bass depending on the situation, my bassist used to use a boss od3 and a boss bass chorus to get some pretty good synth sounds
guitar distortion pedals will kill, KILL your lows.
you need a bass dist pedal, or fuzz pedal.
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I use a boss Metalcore on my bass for breakdowns and what not. Distorted bass Can and will sound good at the right spots. No one wants to hear bass being distored during a power ballad or what not. Also mess around with the pedal to make it what you think sounds good.
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guitar distortion pedals will kill, KILL your lows.
you need a bass dist pedal, or fuzz pedal.

He's right... I've seen people rig guitar pedals up to bass amps and play guitar through them, but rigging a bass up to it just won't sound right. At least if you're like me and like a good bottom end. What I use for my distortion is a Boss GT-6B effects processor.
Hey dude.

In the late 90's/early 00's i played in a band that was along the lines of Converge/Botch/Breather Resist/Cave In... and i LOVE Dinosaur Jr., so i know what you're going for.

To be completely honest, it's gonna be REALLY hard to get from a pedal. A lot of that kind of grind is begotten from the amp being pushed. I started with a '74 Sunn Colliseum300, then a '69 Kustom200, and finally an Ampeg V4. I would use 2 heads and go through an old Ampeg 2x15 and an old Acoustic 6x10. Lower wattage heads are key for getting a good dirty tone.

After that, i needed a more diverse range in sounds, so i got addicted to pedals. I've owned close to 100 different pedals in the last decade and over half have been Fuzz/Distortion/Overdrive. I still like a driven tube amp over a pedal. But a few have given me really good results:

-Tech21 VT Bass
-VooDooLabs Sparkle Drive
-Tech21 XXL Bass Edition
-MXR Bass Blow Torch
-Catalinbread SFT
-HumphreysAudio Badder Bass Monkey
-Sanfordandsonny Bluebeard Fuzz
-Malekko B:Assmaster
-EHX Bass Muff
-Boss ODB-3

These days i don't need to be as loud, so i run my dirty signal into a GK 400rb into a 1x15, and the clean signal into a Traynor YBA-3 into a 4x10.

People that say 'GUITAR PEDALS WONT WORK FOR BASS' just haven't played with many guitar pedals... true, some kill your lows... but it's nothing an inexpensive Graphic EQ pedal to boost lows won't fix... other "guitar distortions" sound great on bass (80's RAT, old Muffs, DOD Grunge, Digitech Bad Monkey...etc etc).
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Bass distortion is a nice tool. It adds some different sounds, but at the same time you do lose some sounds you can get from a clean tone.

I personally like the BOSS ODB-3 Bass distortion. Guitar distortion can, as warned before kill the lows, so make sure you BOOST your lows and mids. With my EQ I turn my treble around 4, Mid around 5-6, and bass around 6-7. I can hear myself decently in the mix.
Ian D'sa is Billy Talent's guitarist. In 2 of their songs he uses a Bass Distortion pedal for his guitar. It's a Wooly Mammoth pedal. Listen to the songs. They're: Devil in a Midnight Mass and Saint Veronika. You'll know when the pedal kicks in in Saint Veronika, as for Devil in a Midnight Mass, well, it's pretty much the whole song with the pedal. I think it sounds BadAss
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Low wattage tube heads and split signals all the way
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