Alright folks,

I've a member of these boards for a little while - mainly lurking around the GB&C and Gear Ads forums.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to promote my band Zelig a little bit.

We're a five piece from Wolverhampton, UK and our style rangings from indie to alt rock with a touch of funk, prog and folk all bubbling away in there somewhere!

We've recently finished recording a few new tracks and have compiled our first "proper" album, complete with artwork and professional printing. We're in the stages of developing our website using the same artwork as a theme. We've also tried to carry this theme through all our online presence.

Our website is www.zeligmusic.co.uk but as I said it's in development at the moment. However there is a music player containing all our album tracks, plus links to our other sites (FB, Twitter etc).

I would love it if you could take 5-10 mins to take a listen and provide any feedback at all. Positive and negative/constructive is welcomed and encouraged.

Cheers team,
Ill crit as I listen. Starting with the first track.

Vocals are nice at the start, I also love that guitar sound that comes in with the funky chops. You know what, you guys are really good. My missus just walked in and went, they are well cool. I dont know of anything I can say bad about this. Its tight, very original, the vocals are really good and soulful. I cannot keep up with where I am which I love. The guitar solo is beautiful infact the tone is great.

Im going to leave it at that. You guys are brilliant. As I didnt 'crit' you per se I dont expect one in return but my band is here if you fancy taking a listen http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mimas-attack/171783702844855

Im gonna shut up now and enjoy the rest of your album.

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