Hi all,

I'm having some difficulty at the moment. I've noticed that when attempting three note per-string pull-offs, they sound really weak when moving across the fretboard to the thicker strings.


e -----17p--15p--12-----------------------
B --------------------------17p--15p--12p-


e --17p--15p--14--------------------------------------
B -------------------17p--15p--14---------------------

On the first string, I can get the notes to sound pretty clean and there's plenty of power behind them. However, as soon as I move onto the second string, my strength deserts me and the fingers lift off the strings weakly instead of flicking downwards. If I put any effort into flicking the fingers downwards then they hit the previous string.
This happens when fingering 4-2-1 and also with 3-2-1. With the latter, I feel a muscle weakness on the side of my second and third fingers, is this normal?

I try and combat this by anchoring my index finger on the lowest fret of the triplet and roll the pad of my finger across the two strings, but this leads to the lowest note ringing out when changing strings, so I have to palm-mute the lowest note.

I'm having trouble with flying fingers at the moment, so I'm going through my 3NPS scale positions as slowly as possible, attempting to keep my ring/pinky fingers as close to the fretboard as possible. Are the two problems linked to each other?
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I had the same problem... What i did was, i played the same shapes over and over on the same strings, just in different positions. Id then move onto playing a slightly different shape on more strings, and in more positions, increasing speed as i got more comfortable with the shapes. if you add some alternate picking in the mix, you will be more aware of your movements, and when you do an all legato or stacato run, it will sound much cleaner. most of the time when you play in the higher register, you'll want to palm mute slightly to keep the other strings from ringing out, and thus affecting the clarity of your playing. Hope my advice helps, and happy shredding