Im recently getting into playing folk type stuff, and Im really digging this guy:
I have a question about his fingerpicking in this song. Is that a common folk pattern? All the fingerpicking stuff Im finding is more aimed towards classical style. Is it pretty much the same patterns as folk? Right now im practicing a basic pattern with thumb on 5 and 6, and then 3 middle fingers on 4,3 and 2. Havent gotten the pinkey in there yet.

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I'm not a big expert when it comes to folk music, but as far as I know fingerpick technique usually use only the Pami fingers, without the pinky, as it too short compared to the other fingers. why don't you try playing with the thumb controlling the 4,5,6 strings and the AMI fingers controllin the 1,2,3?
That's pretty basic pattern-picking or "Travis picking". The thumb keeps up an alternating bass, and the rest of the pattern is filled out by the fingers.
You can use however many fingers you like; many old-timers contented themselves with just one. Two is very common, it's unusual to use them all in this style, it's just not necessary.
You can vary these simple patterns quite a bit with hammers and pulls, little bass runs, and so forth.
Look up Travis Picking references on Youtube or even Wiki to get you started.