i have a problem with my marcus miller jazz bass..
this bass sound more to thin side when i use fingering style, but when using slap its sound good..

anybody know how to make this bass more warm/deep sound?
tell me what your setting on your amp or anything..

What amp are you using and what are your settings on the bass's own EQ and your amp's EQ?
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what amp are you using?

instead of blindy trying to suggest eq over the internet, which is useless, do a google search and learn how to use an equalizer.

much more useful

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consecutive e - im using very old england made Marshall 100W bass amp..
+normally my bass eq setting is.. full Volume for both pickup, treble 2/5, bass 1/2.
+amp eq - 50Hz(+1), 400hz(0), 1KHz(+1), 3KHz(-1), 10KHz(0)

shinhoman - can u give me the best website where i can learn how to setting equalizer.