I jjut got a v-amp 3.
I wanna make a preset with multiple fx combo, i.e a compressor + delay
but seems like on the machine i can only set one effect per time apart from reverb.
Anyone succeded with this on a v-amp (original,2 or 3)?
I have the V-Amp 2 and its true, that you only can use 1 effect with reverb. You have some combined effects like Phaser+Delay, but you just can mix effects when you configure the v-amp on a pc with the midi-output.
Yeah, they really missed some features: the v-amp 2 has no on/off switch so you always have to pull out the pluck. Some other things suck too, but I think the effects and the amp-simulations are quite cool, for such an cheap effect
I dont's use the midi for the v-amp 2, I think you have to manage your sound with single effetcs only. When do you really need and flanger with delay and chorus? I think that's to many effects. The auto-wah sucks, btw
the footswitch is quite cool, the v-amp 2 has one in the pack, the v-amp 3 doesnt, but the switch for the time is i think about half a second and i think thats to much to go on stage with it. I only use it at home and on band practises. But if you like to play rhytm & lead guitar in one song, its problably the best way to switch sound in a song. I also think, that they've improved to switch time from the v-amp 2 to the v-amp 3, so maybe its very good
by the way: I've payed 60€ for a 2 year old V-Amp 2 in very good shape, with footswitch