Have had the unit for several days now. Sync was easy once both were charged. The fact that the charging port is USB and was the same as several old cell phone chargers I had I was able to charge both the transmitter and receiver at the same time. I have the receiver hooked to my effects processors (Zoom GFx8 and DigiTech RP150 in series). It seems to work real well with only one of the effects units working and the other in 'bypass' but gets a bit noisy when both are in use - still messing with the order of the 2 processors in the series and with distance between them - I don;t think the noise is from the Joyo totally. With only one effect unit running there is absolutely no noise from the Joyo. Range seems to pretty good for what I was looking for. Other wireless units I've had ended up with a lot of static just before they lost signal or when you turned around and that was really annoying. Tone does not seem to be effected from the unit either from what I can tell. I would have to say I was a bit skeptical when I bought it thinking that it was so much less money then the 'big' units I had previously, but I have been pleasantly surprised and please with my purchase. I wish I could find just the transmitter unit so I could get one for my Strat and leave this one in the Paul.....
Good deal - get one.
Thanks for the reply, wforslund.
I currently have a QTX UHF wireless and I've stopped using it because it seems to stifle the signal completely - I just can't get my setup to feed back the same way it does when I'm wired. But having had a taste of the wireless life I'm getting really frustrated at being tethered again.
So for the money I think I'll give 'em a shot.
Just FYI, I run my guitar through a Vox ToneLab SE straight into the PA. Been gigging that way for over a year. Works like a charm and no stupidly heavy back line to lug about.
bit of a bump, but....

Just got one of these for christmas (was a surprise), don't like that it is fixed onto the jack plug but i will invest in some male to female patch leads to solve that problem. Other than that, the unit does add a bit of noise and slightly noticeable signal degradation (havent yet tried it through a real amp just a spider 3 and waves GTR, so difficult to tell).

Hopefully it will prove itself as a cheap, useable little wireless kit just what I need for gigs.
A metal band?
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