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Small fest.
2 18%
Big fest.
9 82%
Voters: 11.
This just happened to me and I'm curious whether my choice coincides with you guys'.

Say you're involved in two musical projects, one smaller, that you've only recently started and a band that you've been playing with for 3 years.
You get a gig lined up with the smaller project in a small-ish festival about a month before it actually takes place.
About a week before the gig, you find out about an opportunity to play in a large festival (3000 ppl) with the other band, on the exact same day the other one would have been.

What would you do? Say no to the big opportunity and do the small-ish fest OR ditch the small project to go play in the big fest?

PS. as you can imagine, you're going to piss of either bandmates.

EDIT:for what it's worth, I stuck with the small gig
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let me get this straight. the bigger gig is the one with the band you've been with for 3 years?

so your choice is between playing some small-fry show with some guys you just met, or playing a big show with your band of 3 years.

this shouldn't even be a question.
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Quote by AeolianWolf

this shouldn't even be a question.

keep in mind that the small show was already scheduled for a while now, and we were just now asked to do the big show.
if the large one is guarantied take the big show and say to the festival organisers for the small one that you cant do it, its a festival - they'll ahve other bands, and they cant stop you pulling out
How valuable do you consider your word to be? If you commit to something, do you want people to take that commitment seriously in the future, or with a grain of salt knowing that your word can easily be pissed away if something better comes up?

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If possible I would do both. If this isn't possible, I'd opt for the one that was booked first, which is the smaller gig. Disappointing I know, but it works out better for all in the end. Firstly you get to come off as a reliable person for not cancelling the first gig, secondly the organisers of the second will appreciate your honesty, and you know they're at least interested so you could hit them up for any future gigs, whilst apologising for your inability to take your gig. The band members in the second band will be disappointed, but if they're reasonable they should understand why you can't make it.
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Big, Play with the guys you Know the best.
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