So, the singer of a covers band I'm in decided we were to do Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap.

Awful song, but I guess it's fairly known, so it'd suit a covers band that plays Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and Kings of Leon stuff, no problem playing it, it's just that it needs a delay pedal throughout.

So, while I have no money and have no need for a delay pedal other than in this covers band I thought "I'll go for the cheapest I can find".
Not a great attitude to take, but oh well, I wouldn't be too fussed if the song had to be taken off the set-list.

Anyway, I originally intended to go for a Belcat delay, £21, plus like £6 shipping, cheap enough.
But it turns out delivery would be after this month, in which two gigs are lined up, so that didn't do.

So I turned to everyone's good friend, Behringer.

Got the Behringer DD400, I assume it's a rip-off of the Boss DD-3.

(I tried to get a picture of the blinding blue LED, but it didn't show too well).

Sorry for the terrible quality pictures, but it's not like this is anything special!

Anyway, onto a review.
I've only tried this quickly, but, as with everyone, the worry sets in of "oh shit, plastic casing, this is going to get destroyed", but I think I'll be okay if I'm a bit careful. (I'm going to have it sitting on top of my amp head in the effects loop as I only need it once and for an entire song to not kill it along with my rugged other pedals).
Putting a battery in was odd too, you have to press in two clips at the side, then the foot switch pops off to reveal a battery cavity very similar to those of boss pedals, but putting it back on is an absolute bitch.

The actual sounds however, are surprisingly good considering I spent £29 on it!
I actually put a sound clip together, cos it's pretty good for what it is:
(I was using a Laney LC15 with volume at like 0.7, gain at 3-ish and the Delay was in front of the amp, not in an effects loop I just run through the three different settings)

I wouldn't ever use it as opposed to an actually decent delay pedal, I don't trust it enough, but, even though I dislike the song which I bought it for (annoyed that I had to shell out £30 for one song!), I can see this pedal holding up for the gigs, even though I will be protecting it a bit due to it's frail casing.

Blargh, this thread has gone on way too long, I hate being too wordy sometimes.

Anyway, yeah, just thought I'd make a thread on this, the previous examples of Behringer's work I've seen have been terrible, but this is seeming okay to be honest.
I've always heard the Behringer pedals actually sound as good as their BOSS counterparts :P
and sweet disposition's not that bad, I like it =)

have fun with it! and I saw a youtube video of someone showing how durable these plastic pedals actually are, I think you'll be fine
I must admit, i was suprised when i heard that clip, might have to get one myself.
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Darkflame, yeah I've heard similar things, but I tried their fuzz (I think it was meant to be a big muff clone?) and that sounded awful, and their wah was bad too. Though that's all I've tried of them, but pair that with their bad rep and it leans to me not trusting them!
And I don't know what it is, I just can't get on board with the song, maybe it's the fact that for half of the song I'm just playing a doublestop in constant 8th notes.

Oosh, yeah it's not too bad, though the sound quality on the recording may be a bit sketchy!
Behringer make some very reasonably priced half decent clones. I've seen some take some fairly serious abuse too. Sure they're not brilliant but some of them (delay, tuner) get the job done for 1/3 of what you'd pay for a boss. Our guitarist has a behringer tuner and fuzz, both boss clones, probably cost less between them than a TU-2 and they're harmless.

Also the LED is painfully bright :P
I like sweet disposition... it's in that Zooey Deschanel movie, and I like Zooey Deschanel so...

Im liking the sound of this man, sounds pretty sweet in your soundclips. Did you notice any tone suck? Ive been wondering how easy it would be to rehouse one of these (or the Line 6 delay copy they make), so i could have a nice digital alternative to my Malekko 616, which being an analogue delay, the repeats can get pretty lost at times. Maybe make it true bypass while im at it.
i had that same pedal and i's not bad for the price at all. despite the plastic case they hold up suprisingly well just don't lose the spring inside the push part as your screwed without it. WARNING these things eat batteries big time so keep that in mind.
ProgFolk12, I guess Behringer may have some alright stuff, I think I just have a bit of snobbery in me!
And the LED has blinded me quite badly!
That's two pedals I have no that have blinding LEDs.

al112987, that's a fair reason to like the song.

Jaybals, I haven't given it an extensive use yet, but there's sure to be tone suck I reckon.
I'm to assume it's almost an exact copy of the Boss DD-3 with cheaper parts, so if you check out them you should be able to find out. Next time I try it out I'll check for you. Remind me if I don't get back to you!

monwobobbo, when I put the battery in I noticed the spring was a bit risky!
And cheers for that warning! I'll make sure only to plug the pedal in (during practice) for that one song. Batteries are costing me so much recently!
I have the same pedal and think it's awesome too. I would recommend getting a power supply though, look round and you can get a cheap multi-purpose one for around a fiver.
IMO, the biggest issue with Behringer pedals is durability, and noise with some of the pedals (My bass player used their clone of an Echo Park, and he needed a NS-2 to use it with).
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i dropped my plastic behringer pedal down 4 sets of stairs, stepped on it with my full weight numerous times, it's fine
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I own two of these pedals. The best part is the freaking awesome tap tempo function these pedals have. You just hold down the pedal then it goes into tap mode. I have these pedals set up to either be stand alone or cascade to create some REALLY freaking awesome sounds. I run them in my Efx loop and have ZERO tone suck. Mine are also quiet as well. I admit these are the ONLY Behringer pedals I'll use but they are damn good ones if you dont abuse them.
OP you are my hero.

You actually play ROCK POP/ROCK!!!! I was so lonely with all these metal heads on the board!!!!! I thought all hope was lost.

I too am in a band that covers the same bands as you!