Hey UG forum,

i want an opinion on a situation im currently in with my band at the moment concerning myself and our rhythm guitarist james.

Ever since the band started fully (about a year ago) james has always had a different taste in music. We all play metal but he is into mostly hair and thrash metal styles were as the rest of the band (minus me) doesnt like thrash metal. Our style is best catagorised as Heavy metal with a female singer. (I guess our style is Plain metal with a sprinkle of metalcore). Unfortunatly this means james's riff making is either not our style, crap or there is no riff making at all. In terms on writing hes a good guitar player however he isnt very experimental.

The problem though is that we are all really good friends with him and he is a really nice guy, aswell as someone who knows what hes doing tech wise and has relativly good musical knowledge.
There are many guitarist nearby that we know that could take his place however its difficult to get the guts to talk to him at all.

what do you think UG forum?
Well for starters, is he into any other kind of music than metal?Any other kind of metal than thrash and hair?

Diversity in a band is a B-E-Autiful thing. Imo it's what separates a lot of good bands from great bands.

That being said it's great if he brings something new and refreshing to the table. But if he's not open-minded about your band's music than things obviously won't work out. At the same time you have to think "Am I willing to let him bring some of his influence and style to my music? Or do I want everything to be strictly to mine and everyone else's tastes?".

Ultimately, it's a great thing if he brings a foreign influence to the band's music. But if he's not willing to accept your influences or visa versa than you should probably find a new guitar player.

All just imo of course.

EDIT: Or if you want to get extreme and you like what James brings to the table, you could always start up a new band with him and play in 2 bands
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