I recently got a Schecter c-1 diamond series with duncan blackout emg style pickups and i havnt been able to get a clean sound always overdriven and distorted sounding. Ive tried couple different amps, messed with all the knobs and nothing works and ideas?
a RMS acoustic amp, and a preavy electric amp with effects and a esteban tiny practice amp
I've heard EMGs suck for cleans.
I could be wrong though.


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I'm a student. I've got no time or space for an amp!
Edit: scrap what I said, didn't read the OP properly
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I think your battery for the pickups is dead. Even though active pickups aren't the best for cleans, they should definitely be able to manage a clean sound into most amps. Given that you know it has nothing to do with the amp, I would swap out the 9v and see if that helps
that was it! thanks man sounds amazing i actually never played this beast when it sounds right lol im gonna have fun now