Hey guys

I've been thinking about a strat recently, just a standard USA model nothing fancy.

But then I checked for used instruments "around my age" So a standard mint condition Stratocasterplus from 1990 is pretty much the same price as a new one.

Even an idea of having a guitar with such history makes me wanna click "Buy it now" <3. What do you say, is this a good deal?. I realize the 20 year old strat IS going to sound better, but is it worth it? I believe these new ones might be more... reliable.

Or perhaps should I simply stick to 2011 model and sell it as vintage in another twenty years?

What do you think guys?
personally id go new. the 20 year old strat probably wont sound better and a newer one IS gonna be more reliable.
1990 isn't vintage, and it's not really going to sound better than a similar model made today. They weren't made any differently than they're made today, they weren't using old growth wood, and one in mint condition won't have been played enough to break it in.

If you're getting an old guitar (and I'm not sure 1990 qualifies as old), get one that's clearly been played a lot. That means two things: someone liked it enough to use it heavily, and that it's probably been broken in properly.

The strat plus was a cool model, but don't buy one thinking it's magically going to sound better after 20 years. Old guitars sound good for two reasons (if they sound better at all) : they were made better, and they've been broken in (my teacher used to say they've "learned the notes"). One that's been sitting under a bed for 20 years doesn't have any tonal advantage over one that just came from the factory.

Sorry if this is too long. What I wanted to convey was that it's great to buy an older, used instrument, but it's really easy to buy one for the wrong reasons.
I would buy the used one. Used guitars TEND to hold their value, so when you get bored of it in a couple of years you can sell it on with no loss.