hey guys...complete noob when it comes to this stuff so i'd appreciate any help!

I have a blackheart little giant 5w head.
I tried to switch the AC wiring as they described below:

so I went to pull the white AC wire from the board and just the wire part yanked out...the metal end of the plug is still secure into the board, i can't get the damn thing out
I got the entire brown wire/plug out completely though.

so now both the white and brown AC wires have been taken out, but the metal plug from the white AC wire is still stuck on the board and the amp will not turn on...i definitely messed something up, hopefully not too badly...do I just keep trying to pull the metal plug from the white wire out?

I can post a pic if it helps.
got the plugs completely off the board, so now the brown and white wires aren't connected to anything (the link above doesnt really show where they go)...amp still wont turn on. any ideas?