So I have a Vox VT-15 and it is dying, so I want to get a new valve amp. I play mostly blues, grunge, thrash metal and post rock, so gain is important but a good clean is crucial as well. Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, 65 days of static, Pantera. I was thinking on getting an Orange Rocker 30 but it is a bit too expensive. I was thinking between a Traynor YCV50B or a Blackstar HT CLUB 40 VENUE COMBO. Please give thoughts and suggeestion only full valve amps.
Blackstar will do all of that
And you'll get a nice variable tone control from the ISP
The Blackstar rocks!
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i was at a local show a couple weeks ago and he had a blackstar head. i don't remember which model it was but it had crushing gain and beautiful cleans. i believe it was the stage 100.
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full valve amps.

If that's what you want, than cross the blackstar off your list. Apparently the HT series gets some help with solid state components. Although I don't know the whole story, so I can't speak much about it.

I think the Traynor is better than the Blackstar, by far.

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^ But if it sounds just as good....

It doesn't, not to me at least...
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