I have Godman Les Paul Copy,

The original nut just broke, bought another one, which was left handed by mistake, and tone used to sound just fine with whatever chords I used,
Then I decided to buy a right handed nut, since I'm right handed, But since I put it on,

Normal Guitar chords like D and C just sound odd, Even though the guitar is perfectly in tune, Just sound out of tune even though I tune with a guitar tuner.

Any Ideas?

Tom Hughes
you probably have to file the nut slots down. they strings are most likely too high which is causing the intonation be all thrown off by the nut. do you know how to check for intonation?
No I don't know how to, I did move the bridge to a certain height to reduce fret buzz, But I don't think that would've cause it.

Tom Hughes
yeah, the intonation is now out. you have to fix this. easily done, and you could do it yourself if you're patient. all you need is a screwdriver and a tuner.
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Yea man, I mean taking it to the tech is the simplest option. But I highly recommend doing it yourself. You'll.be amazed at how much money you'll save by learning how to do stuff by yourself.
And as long as you dont break something big, your experiments can be fixed by a tech with very minor cost difference, in the odd chance that you fail. Techs charge mostly for their time and your ignorance. Your attempts may be penalized if they have attitude, or may be rewarded if they appreciate your love of trying.