I have a Fender MIM Strat. Just posted a thread recently on it. My current amp is a 15 watt pos Crate. if I could trade the strat for a Peavey 112 Valveking, should I? My question is it worth it or would i be getting a worse end on the deal. I would still have my agile to play thru the amp and just buy a new guitar after i gradutae in a couple weeks.
Thanks guys ill delete this after i get a couple of opinions
The Valveking is a fine amp, and if you like the sound I'd say go for it. (A lot of people diss the Valveking for some reason, but I think they just want to qualify buying a 6505.) They cost the same new, so it's probably worth it if you like your Agile a lot. What model Agile is it?
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The Agile is an AL-2000 gold top. Not the bestbut it getsthe job done. When i graduate ill have money to buy another guitar
MIM Stratocaster is worth ~$500US, the Peavy VK ~$400, both new. Used it's probably ~$300 for the Fender and ~$250 for the VK. You'd basically be getting shafted, either way.

See if you can't trade the Agile for the amp.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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i doubt he would trade for an agile, just get him to throw in $50
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