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I recently watched Rocky again for the first time in ages. The music got me all hyped up as soon as I heard it and made me want to work out. Anyone have any music that make you active? (NO Eye of the Tiger plz)

david_safc knows.
I listen to whatever new music I have added to my Zune when I'm at the gym.... so anything from deathcore to bluegrass.
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For me, anything metal.
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy

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not really any that makes me active, but i listen to zztop, george thorogood, guns and roses, led zepplin, stuff like at when i am working out
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Back when I was doing weights and the like, circuit training, etc - I almost always listened to rap/metal. Good rhythm to get into and a lot of energy without being super aggressive.

Now I train in martial arts, so there's no listening to music there, but when I run, I put on something like Rammstein or Ministry - mostly because I hate running with a passion and it's like going to war
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I'll put on something like Kyuss's first album or some kind of heavy rock if I'm doing a fast run. Anything I feel like listening to for a jog.

Usually some drum and bass or hip hop for working out.
I've found that Vai's Passion & Warfare can be good for working the weights, if I'm in a good mood. Otherwise it'll be something like Outworld or Shadows Fall
As I Lay Dying, Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, Hollywood Undead and whatever else is on my mp3
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Scarified by Racer X, I'll See the Light Tonight by Yngwie Malmsteen, and generally anything by Strapping Young Lad.

I always like to throw on stuff like AC/DC and KISS though too.
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Through the fire and the flames when your doing cardio

Waking the Demon when your pumping iron!

gaybar when your flexing lol
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I was going to suggest the Rocky III soundtrack....but....
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Seriously, I'm not a fan of iphones and guitars mixing.
Whatever's playing at the gym. Usually it's some trance.
Gregorian Chant. That shit always pumps me up.
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I enjoy working out to Jazz quite often.

But I had a pretty intense workout the other night to some Aicle...but J-rock isn't usually very "work-out-y" music.
Disturbed - Indestructible
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My neighbors know me as, "The noisy kid who's always playing some sorta fucked up metal and working out"

Yup...there's goes that weird kid who listens to music that's not even in english and still manages to sing along with it.
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david_safc knows.

This basically.

He also know what words to use when messing with some tang or a homeboy is in ya face.

Or what roidz to take.
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I usually listen to a bit of everything. But the days I would max out it was always Motley Crue.
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A Certain Shade of Green is my Nike+ power song on my morning runs.

Oh man I haven't listened to SCIENCE in ages. I'm putting it on my iPod tonight - thank you for reminding me of it.
Do you feel warm within your cage?

And have you figured out yet -

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There's a dick on Earth, too
It's you
I have two playlists to do with working out.

Which contains gems like;
Gay Bar-Electric Six
Beat It-Michael Jackson
Clothes Off- Gym Class Heroes
In Da Club-50 Cent

Seems a little gay now I look at it.

My other is just called running and has a lot of pop punk and ska.
One of my all-time favorite jogging songs is Transatlanicism by Death Cab. Seems like an odd choice, but just try it.
"YMCA"- The Villiage People


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King Nothing - Metallica. Me and my friend used to work out to it alot. It got so bad, we left dumbells in his car for when it came on the radio.
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Heloween, Masterplan, Gamma Ray and Hammerfall has some quite nicely paced songs for the purpose.
i have a playlist set up that consists of The Ghost Inside, Oh Sleeper, BtBaM, House vs Hurricane, TDWP, August Burns Red, Emmure, Trivium, Parkway Drive, and All That Remains. it kicks my ass.

Pantera All The Way
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There's some good stuff in there guys, cheers. United Abominations by Megadeth seems to relly work for me right now. Korn is pretty good for running, cause it gets me all pissed off.
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