HEY! are you sitting there think whoa I bet there's no good bands in friggin' florida? Well think again, underneath all those old people is some real talent, don't believe me? Well see for yourself here's a link to "The Velvet Senses"'s websites

The Velvet Senses is a local south florida punk/alternative band. We're a 4-piece (2 Gtrs a Bass and Drums) We influenced by a lot of bands like Nirvana, Verbena, Alice In Chains, Dinosaur Jr. and so on and so forth... We've done covers of bands like Dinosaur Jr. Local H Tad and etc, but the majority of our music is all original so please take a moment and take a listen and provide us with some feedback. Below are some links to our websites where you can hear our music.

Facebook: LINK
Myspace: LINK
Reverbnation: LINK
Hey, man. I'm listening to the tracks, and the songwriting isn't bad I like it. You need better recordings, though. Sounds like you had yr drummer record to the music instead of vice versa cause it kinda goes off time a lot. Anyway, I still liked what I heard cause I can hear what you're trying to do, but that kinda stuff turns off listeners immediately.
:/ I know it kinda sucks the position we're stuck it, we're trying to get some money so we can get into a real studio so hopefully that'll happen soon. thanks for the citique
I will crit as I listen. First word that comes to mind is 'bleach', second is 'recording studio'.

Grunge is a one trick pony, you get what you get. As long as your into that (which I very much am) then you will be fine with it. You guys seem like pretty solid band and I would see you live but would I go out and buy your cd? At the moment no.

And before you get offended let me tell you why. Bleach was made like 20 years ago and grunge will unlikely make a return and for good reason. All tht could be said with grunge was said in the early nineties and should remain there. This does not mean that you should give up on your sound at all. Do not get me wrong, I like the music BUT maybe you could take everything that you have learnt from grunge and apply it to another style of music. Then you will be creating something amazing.

Take a look at soundgarden. They took what Nirvana did, threw in some crazy ass tempo changes and time signatures and created a whole new genre. Im not saying that is what you should do as reinventing the wheel is not always a good thing. Im just saying look at what you have and use it to evolve and grow as you have alot of potential.

Get back into the band room and manipulate your sound to make it YOUR OWN and you will be sailing.

Hope that this helps.

Crit us?

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thank yous man, your review was actually really really helpful. I'll be honest though it wasn't really like I was trying to imitate the grunge sound or anything it's just that's really the kind of music I adore so I guess it's kinda what flows out ya know? but I've been doing more song writing as it is and I'm trying to get the band into it's own sound.

Thanks for the review it's greatly appreciated