Ey doodz, I' have experience recording, I've gigged everything from all girls boarding schools (xD) to individual talent shows in front of large crowds. Music is my ultimate passion and I don't discriminate at all, I play Guitar, Bass, Drums, and I write and sing most of my songs. ((I started as a lead singer to a bluesy/metal band.) I have a lot of connections and I'm soon to be getting some high end equipment by this summer. If ye interested, hit me up on Facelibro, I'm always down to jam any and every genre. P (Gabriel Jeffrey Neu)
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Although almost all of my work is original, I jam to nearly everything from Tool to Santana, to Buckethead and Seether. I started doing Bluesy Hendrix style stuff and now I've developed my own metaly-Fingerpicky style. No matter how old or what skill level you are, as long as you're passionate, hit a brutha up.