Since my first composition, The Glass and the Mirror: Light of the Shattered Sun, was still a demo when I posted it 3 years ago in this forum (I tagged demo in the title), I figured finishing what I started and expand the piece. The Light, II is about the shattered sun, a crystal that has the power of eternal light that has been shattered and now the world is in peril by evil forces (pretty much like the plot of Final Fantasy 5, kweh!). Musically, parts of the early material can still be heard (I made only minor revisions to parts which are clearly recycled). Though there's still a chunk of new material that I expanded from the themes of the previous version and parts that are entirely new to the song. The song length is 20:10 which makes it my longest song that is released in one file (Black Light Whispers and The Awakening don't count since I released their parts in separate files)

Thank You and Good Day!
The Light, II - The Shattered Sun.zip
Okay, so this really well written, sounds very professional and all that. However, it basically sounds like rehashed Dream Theater stuff. About a third of it sounded like Scenes From A Memory, a third was like A Change Of Seasons, and a third sounded original. Im not saying its bad or anything, its amazingly well written, but you should be comfortable that its not too original. Seriously, you have great talents, but it sounds SO much like Dream Theater haha. Still, Id say its still definitely an accomplishment to mimic Dream Theater haha.
Wow, this is amazing. Does sound quite like dream theater though, especially the drums.

Also bar 485 (I'm commenting whilst listening) I expected to go into Overture 1928 by DT.

The songs very well written and you are obviously very talented, but I think you should try to branch out a little bit, make it a bit more original. Saying that, I'd probably buy this. It's very good, would love to hear vocals on it.
RIP Gooze

I agree with everyone else, I seriously thought that that was the Overture 1928 at the beginning. But otherwise, very good.