Would I be alright putting gauge 12 strings on an EC-1000? Or would I need to change something on the guitar, a friend said he couldn't put 12 gauge strings on because the nut wasn't wide enough or something?
i have one, and i can not fit a typical set of 12s on there. i pretty much chose out the highest guadge single strings i could find by mixing together several packs, then afterward buying individual strings. some shops dont sell strings like this however...
i think i've got about 12-52 pretty much. the 52 might be a 54. i forget. either way, i dont know if you can fit the 56 in there. i know mine wasn't able to, and thats why i went for the single string route. i tried a 62 in there, and that didnt go in. and the 58 sat in but got stuck and wouldnt move easily. you can try it cuz yours might be cut slightly different than mine. worse case, you gotta but a new single string
With some gradual work it can be done. On both my V and my Les Paul I have seven string guitar strings .59 to .13 and it works fine, but I have gradually been upping the gauge over time. I play in drop C mostly and it works great for me.