Hi, folks!

I'm looking for a new amp, cause i joined my first band a while ago.
We want to play Black Metal. But not the old style of the second wave.
More Agalloch, Fen , Gris or Sombres Forets like for example.

Budget is about 700€ . New or used, i don't care.
No Combo. 2 channels. FX Loop. 30-60 Watt should be enough.
Mainly for band and home practice, Recording.

At the moment i still play may Roland Cube at home
and a Bugera 6260(which isn't mine) with a Harley Benton 4x12 V30(which isn't mine too)
at band practice. I don't like both amps at all anymore.

I already tried a lot amps at my local music store. Also some out of my price range.
And i felt in love with a Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII.
Especially the Dirty Channel was stunning. I really dig the distortion sound.
But - too expensive

Now i've found the Orange Thunder 30 online.
How would you compare it with the Rockerverb and
what would you recommend for that style?