This is a song I wrote last year and I've been tweaking the lyrics and trying to come up with some lead parts.

It's about not having the chance to say sorry at the time you wanted to say and that just because you didnt say it before, doesnt mean you never meant it before (line from the song lol)

I had a little technical hitch and for some reason on one of the verses i lost a second of audio (lame) but for your listening pleasure I present "I never did say"

And if you could let me know if it reminds you of other songs or artists that would be amazing!!

Thank you:
Love it, the only thing i can suggest is to get the parts recorded properly, vocals and guitars on seperate tracks and put into one. Definately made something special!

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Yeah I know I really need to do that! Im getting my songs recorded demo like this (as its hard for me to sing without playing!) then going to be going to the local studio where i know the guys and get it recorded and mixed properly with drums and bass etc! Thanks man been a lot of work gone into this track
dude, thank you for the kind words. I actually really dig some of these sonic sketches. Just need to take some time to find sounds that really touch you, midi sounds can come off too cold and dry. **** around with effects and check some tutorials on mixing and you will come up with something dope. guitar/vocal track has a sweet melody. check out fantastic mr. fox, SBTRKT, and james blake. All from the UK, might give you some splendid inspiration, as they did for me.
Thanks man, I just figured out how to record into fruity loops which i can program a bit so tomorrows challenge will be to program a drum beat and get the guitar laid down sperate to the vocals.

I will definitely do some more research thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
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Thanks man, I just figured out how to record into fruity loops which i can program a bit so tomorrows challenge will be to program a drum beat and get the guitar laid down sperate to the vocals.

I will definitely do some more research thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

If you'd like, I could record some live drums or program some with SD2 for you.
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but my fav tech deathcore band is actually emmure. i'd never be able to play **** like that in a million years seriously.
hey man that would be absolutely amazing!! I'll re record the guitar and vocals tomorrow because the structures a little off from what I want it to be, what do you need to get this going? Im guessing just the track start to end with the right changes?
Hey thanks for the crit,

-I really like this, as far as songwriting goes I don't think I can recommended much, it's catchy, the riffs fit with the singing, your voice sounds good!
-I think it would be cool if you did a round (is that where they're called, where you layer the vocals?) at the end with the 'I don't knows'. Just an idea
-You could add some clean leads, but that might clutter it up to much.

-The mixing / recording quality isn't great, but by the end of the song I didn't really notice that much, sometimes the voice distorts / gets a bit too loud.

Overall, good work! I can't really suggest much besides trying to get better sound quality
That's a brilliant idea I will certainly give it a shot at recording a round definitely would be a great way to build it up. I'm definitely going to add more clean lead your right there's plenty of space in the sound for it to fit in at the right places and I'm going to crank it up with a nice solo for the end.

I've been a bit scared to spend any money on equipment because I've been working on my songwriing singing and guitar skills before I spent money I might regret if I couldnt improve my skills to a level where i needed the equipment...I will sink a bit more money into this and get a a little home studio set but with all this postive feedback I feel confident to approach someone i know at the local studios to produce me for pretty much free xD
It sounds like the mic is 10' from band, kind of distant. Singing is mostly good, sometimes a bit pitchy (the vocals remind me a bit of Elvis Costello). This may sound silly, but the part of the song that stops & starts reminds me of a Blondie song, I forget the title (not one that gets much radio play). I wish the audio quality was better, but the song itself, and it's melodies, are good! Please review my music at this link:

Hey aaron thanks for the feedback I'm going to be honest and let you in on a little secret...I pretty much just had my mic on the floor XO I know that wasn't very smart I'm going to try a do over tomorrow I'm doing some research atm! I listened to one of your tracks and will give you feedback tomorrow once i listen to it again because it was in one ear and the out the other as im pretty tired now!
I must say, I dig it. Its very catchy. The way the vocals were mic'd is pretty interesting. Kinda strange but it really works for this song. The guitar playing could be a little tighter in a few spots but a great song anyways.
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I like it, good chord progression and lyric structure. You really should hit the studio to record it man, then add a few more things to it and you've got a great song. Its a solid base right now to work on.
Thanks guys any sorry aaron I've been out jamming and needed to see the producer/drummer i know so tomorrow 100% get you a crit...basically I'm shortening the chorus a bar (i think) I've got idea what im going to try for it instead, after the picky intro im going to into the strummy part before doing the breaks with the vocals get the arrangement and the lead sorted and sort two other songs and the dudes gonna help me sort it recorded to a decent quality 3 song ep with drums bass two guitars and vocals xD. Also getting a line 6 amp possible next week of another mate for £120 barely used. So yeah then I wanna couple of new guitars an acoustic and electric too. Sorry Im rambling it's been a musical night!
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Pretty good. Your voice is your strong point. Not because you're on pitch, but because you sound genuine expressing the songs, down to earth in a way. You're a good fit singing in a pub I bet

Weakest point would be the chorus lyrics because there's a few too many 'empty' words. What I mean is a lot of words like "I don't know" "and he said it" and "I'm gonna" and etc. which are sort of the equivalent of writing on paper that's in passive voice and has a lot of "he was going to kick the ball" instead of "He kicks it" - those was and going words are filler. If that makes any sense to you. It drags the chorus out a bit.

The other thing I'd say is, what part of the song is going to stick on people? The concept and title, not likely - there's been other songs of the type, not that it's a bad thing. The lyrics - don't know because like I said the part of the lyrics that stands out is the filler words

Overall it's pretty good but it's the kind of song that is more likely to be played in a pub than on the radio, albeit it'd be enjoyed in that pub

Return crit?

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