i'm thinking about giving it a shot at refinishing a strat knock-off i have or my bass.
i'm just not sure what type of paint would be best, is there something best for some types of wood? or certains colors come out on guitars better?

i'm think about making some patterns on it not sure what patterns yet though.
so could you sum some paint types for me with their best uses if they have it?
for example polyurethane or acryl or you name some.

couldn't find it in the ultimate refinishing thread(or whatever its called) neigther in the FAQ.

thanks in advance!
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The two most commonly used are Poly and Nitro based paints.
Some people claim that Nitro lets the wood breathe better and sound better. The only problem is that it chips up faster and gets finish checking really easy. Poly is pretty much bullet proof. There are so many different factors that lead to a guitars sound that i dont really think it matters which type you use but rather how much you use. A think coat of any paint will make it sound dull.
Honestly, I have had great results with just spray cans of Krylon. if you seal the wood good, keep all the coats going on smooth, and buff the clear coat you will have an awesome finish no matter which paint you go with.

Here's a link full of useful info if you want to do something crazy
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