Hey again,

here's my newest progressive metal song for my band Misdirect. I've only just finished it so parts are a bit rusty.

Advice on the transitions would be great, that's were I always have the most problems, but any crit is welcome

I'll match whatever crit you give as soon as I can, just drop me a link to what ever you want me to crit, GP5 or recording


I had to upload a GP4 as for some reason the GP5 is 6kb over the size restriction limit. The song isn't even that long There are some parts that I simplified slightly and where I removed a few little add ons to try and save space, but to no avail.
karls ting[1].gp4
First 8 bars of the intro: Wow, very peaceful and serene, I like what Im hearing. With the distortion, its not as good in my opinion. When you fall down to that E chord in the intro, it sounds sweet, but with the distortion, it doesnt, and I think its because its not powerful. It sounds like the type of intro that needs to hit you with a bang. Perhaps its not heavy because of the drums (with those rides and splashes), or the guitars/mixing. Anyways, make it heavier.

By 21 Im getting a little tired of that dissonant thing haha, perhaps get rid of that. Because also, the transition into the part at bar 30 sounds poor. Try some different transition, like a pause or something. Bar 40 breakdown, boring, try adding little runs or fills throughout instead of just open string chugging.

Bar 44 section was good, and that slap bass was sweet, sounding almost like Arusha Accord with the spastic guitar runs and stuff. Wasnt feeling the transition out of that section at bar 67 though, that slowdown didnt sound great. I liked the next section though, it had an awkward feel to it, but in a good way.

The dissonant riff wasnt bad at bar 79. Next riff was pretty cool too. Bar 95 chorus-like section was pretty good, some good vocals could make that sweet. Next riff with the harmonics was nice! Bar 119 was too weird for me though, especially with the guitars in triplets and the drums in regular eighths. Clean section was surely interesting.

That tempo change at bar 151 seemed weird and unnecessary to me. That whole section was just weird to me. The next part was amazing though! I loved that lead line, and the harmony was great.

Overall, I think that it could use some work, but its definitely original. Good job.

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Cheers for the quick crit. Some pretty useful stuff there
It's the bit at 151 I'm most unhappy about, it's just I really want to get into that outro as I love that lead line so much

I just need to catch up on a bit of work and I'll crit yours later on tonight