I am having a tough time deciding between these two. The J-185 is owned by Jason Wade of the band Lifehouse, so I would not get to try the J-185 before purchasing. I am not a fan of not being able to try before purchasing, on the other hand it is quite an opportunity to buy a guitar from one of my favorite musicians. I have been saving up for a new guitar and have been between a J-200 and a Martin hd28(yes I know they are like night and day, but I like them both in their own way), and recently I came across this J-185 opportunity, so now that is also on the table. So I'm curious what any of you would do in this situation, and what are your opinions are on these guitars. Any advice would be great.

One more thing, the J-185 does include an autographed picture of Jason holding the guitar, and a signed certificate from him. Jason bought it new in 2002, it has maple sides and back and has a mustache bridge.
I would go for the 185 simply because if you Don't like the tone, you can probably resell it and get enough for the J-200 or HD-28. An already expensive guitar with a signed certificate and signed photo can sell for quite a bit.
i would go for the j-200 because it's an awesome guitar.

if you want to buy the j-185 because you are a big fan, that makes sense, but as an investment piece, it would depend on if jason wade becomes more famous or not. also as an investment piece, unless you are the world's most careful player, you won't want to risk getting damage on it that wasn't already there.

btw, if you go for the j-185, get a clear pic of him holding it - a couple, if possible - one full resolution so it shows the serial number clearly through the hole. and if it were me, i'd get a signed dated letter with serial number from him if he's willing.
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