Was bored today and decided to rig up my ghetto recording setup (Playstation 2 USB Mic + Pillows and Blankets for dampening lol). Might seem crazy to do an instrumental cover of a song that was acoustic and vocal heavy but the chords and lead guitar throughout this song have always been just as, if not more memorable to me than Isaac's Vocal performance. Put it up on youtube with a snazzy little picture slideshow so check it out and let me know what you think. Will C4C, just drop me a link to yours .

Bankrupt On Selling Cover - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaPoIHgLy3I
hey (:
so first of all, i don't know this song but i really really liked it !!!!
i think you have great guitar skills !
some things that might help:
puting pictures that you like is great, but sometime might get boring,,
try filming yourself playing that song with the guitar, that way others can learn from you, and you might get more views (:
Great Job, keep it up !!!!

- would love to hear your opinion on my guitar cover -

Shir :]
Well, the playing is beautiful. However, a player like you deserves better sound quality than that PS2 USB mic.

I hear you on the camera issue lol. I actually do have one, but I can't figure out how to get my damn video software to record both audio and video at the same time.

Check out some of my recorded music though
I didn't know the song, but it sounded great. It's a very nice song and you played it perfectly. About the camera thing: yes, it would be better with a video of you playing the song (if you had a camera of course), but I think a slideshow like this also works very well with this song.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm definitely looking to get either a halfway decent mic or a USB Interface for some future recording and maybe a camera down the road. I had held off for a while just because I didn't feel my playing ability was on the level of being able to record but I think I'm starting to get there with some of the easier covers/originals I want to record.

csmusic - i'll definitely check out your stuff.

nmusic0 - yeah the original is almost entirely acoustic and vocal driven so it is very repetitive. I didn't want to veer too far off from the original since I think the original is an absolutely amazing song.
First of all thank you so much for your comment on my video (the end has no end) I really appreciate it!

Now guess what, I'm a HUGE Modest Mouse fan!! And the Lonesome Crowded West is my favorite album, and I love that song!
You did a really wonderful job, it's so smooth and listend to the end several times.

It's very interesting that you played it slower than the original. I think it suits the song better because you don't sing. I don't have anything else to say really, I could not play as good as you!

Thank you so much for putting your talent to this great song! Try to sing next time, and continue to play Modest Mouse! They rock.
Hey mate...I'm not at all familiar with the song...but I thought you played it excellently.

Top job mate.
alans056 - Thanks alot for the kind words. Yeah, I'm a huge Modest Mouse fan as well and would love to cover either Polar Opposites (off of LCW) and/or a few of the more atmospheric songs off Moon & Antartica (Cold Part/Perfect Disguise) in the near future. As for the singing, I would love to give vocals a try at some point but I'm not nearly confident enough to give it a try right now lol. Thanks for subbing on youtube and keep up the good work on The Strokes covers.

trixuk - Thanks alot. You *should* get familiar with the original version of this song and some of Modest Mouse' catalogue though! Great work on the Scientist Cover again.
Critting as I listen. Never heard the song before but I like modest mouse

For a PS2 usb mic, I'm impressed lol. I like the song. The playing is clean and I don't spot any glaring problems with the recording except for the quality. Very smooth, your playing is calm and it fits the song very well. Volume balance between the two guitars is great as well. I'm actually going to go listen to the original right now. So thanks for turning me onto this song! I appreciate it.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1440655

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Sorry for the late reply (Kissing Families cover). Busy, busy week.

Same as the guy above me, but I checked part of the orig after. I like what you did there with tuning it down a 1/2. Makes it sound a little darker which is what I think the song is trying to convey (didn't pay attention to lyrics or anything so could be wrong). Tone's great too. Perfect mix of effects. Doesn't sound to effects heavy or lacking. Well done sir! Also, that's pretty impressive that it was recorded with a PS2 USB mic ahah. Right on!