if we can't download copyrighted music onto here to tab it like music we hear off the radio or ones from CDs or ones we bought digitally how are we even suppposed to get music on here? i ca't just copy and paiste a song onto here. all my songs are from itunes and only a few CD ones. how m i supposed to get music onto here to tab it without somehow breaking the copyright rule/law? info on how would be some big help
I don't really understand what you're asking. The tabs section and the mp3 uploads section are separate. You can't upload copyrighted music, but it's fine to upload tabs for the music.

Did that help at all?

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What do you mean "bring it on to here"? You tab at your place and post the tab here, that's how it works. Now some companies that have created tab books get pissed when free online tabs are posted. I don't know if that's what you meant but not all tabs are copyrighted. However, the tab is for you to learn the song, nothing else more. So if you just do that, there's no illegal issues there.