I did this a while ago and I realized I haven't posted it on here yet so here it is:


Also if you want to help me out even more, can someone tell me if I might sound too much like the guys from blink in terms of vocals? For all my life I've tried to sound like them and I want to stray away from that and find my own voice.

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That was really good. I loved your guitar tone.
However, yes, you do sound ALOT like Blink, you really should try to get away from that and find your own sound. However, don't force yourself away from it, if that is how you sound naturally, accept it, even embrace it. I quite liked your voice.

Also, I love this song.
This is great. Really good job man. You rarely see good vocal work here and you did pretty dang well! Great stuff.

Check out my covers of blink's "Dysentery Gary" and/or AVA's "Love Like Rockets" (both acoustic) if you want!