I love melo death man.You had tight riffs.The keys were cool.The vox were alitle quiet,maybe try bringing them up in the mix.
Edit: 'Wasted Life": needs electric bass. I like the harpsichord. Vocals sound evil, I assume you were going for that sound. It kind of hiccuped at ~2:50. You can play guitar plenty fast. Not what I usually listen to, but good for the genre if you add bass.
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Melodic riffs, guitar sound mixes well will the keyboard to give an epic feel. I like it.

Needs more oomph or crunch, to use the technical terms, which I think will be provided when you add the bass. At the moment it's a little distant-sounding. Could you get a more close-miked effect by mastering?
very nice man! i enjoyed it!

definitely needs bass!

love the harp parts, i just love keys in general, haha.

nice work!
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