Alight UGers?I need advice,I'm joining a seperate band for a couple of weeks to fill in as a guitarist while the band find a full time one.But they play a lot of Doors songs,A LOT.I've known pretty much 80 percent of Doors songs for the past three or more years cause there my favourite band but I NEED to learn this one.


It's Spanish Caravan.My question is how long would it take me to get the Flamenco technique down ''Or whatever that specific technique is called'' ?Would I be able to play it reasonably in about two weeks or am I crazy thinking?Your advice is badly needed and appreciated as I've never attempted this style ever but can already finger pick to an average level (Dust in the wind,Babe i'm gonna leave you,tears in heaven.Cleanly with no mistakes).I'd be able to practice about three hours a day also seeing as I'm currently jobless.Cheers in advance guys.
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I learned that technique without evening thinkning about learning the technique, so I imagine that if you practice it constantly for the two weeks, it should be ok.
Robby Krieger is using two fingers to pick most of that -- he might be adding some rolls on that live version, but it is not all that hard if you already have some experience fingerpicking.

He is plucking the open B string with his index finger while plucking E F# G on the A string then A, B C on the D string with his thumb.