Ive been looking at buying a new amp and just wanted others opinions on the peavey 6505+112. Heard its very good For Post-Hardcore/screamo stuff which i would use it for, But can it also do Punkrock/pop punk and alt stuff decently to?
Not a fan, but yes it will.

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Well I'm looking into getting it too. I tried it at guitar center several times at a lowish volume. It's perfect for that stuff if you set it up right. Might want to get an eq for it. I like it a lot. I play stuff like All That remains, Metallica, Trivium, Etc. I'm already set on buying it.
better when you pop some better preamp tubes and speaker in, its a beast!
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Thanks for the responses, but i got two more questions, would i be able to hook it up to a cab for when i play shows? and what Pre amp tubes would you recommend?
i can almost garuntee you can hook it up to a cab, just get your ohmages straight an i always like sovtek or chinese pre-amp tubes

im not paying more then 15 bucks for 100 year old technology
You won't pay more than $15 because it's old technology??? So you would never buy a good hammer either? I have a collection of old preamp tubes and I paid no more than about $20 for any of them. I'm sure some of them are older than you. You think that makes them less valuable?
$20 to $30 per tube to get godly tone is money well spent, especially when they last ten times as long.

And yes, TS. Although the 5150/6505 isn't an amp I'd buy, it will do what you want and if you like the 5150 tone go for it. Experimenting with different tubes and speakers will hone in on the sound that you really want but even in stock trim it will do those genres with aplomb.
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