Ok, so I'm a bit of an Aria Pro II freak. I picked up a 1986 "The Cat" model (yeah, the name sucks... that's Japan for you), levelled the frets, cleaned up the wiring etc. She plays like an absolute dream now.

The problem? Being as the scratchplate is a 25 year old single-ply bit of plastic, it's warped, cracked, and pretty much had it. Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent place that stocks a replacement? Better yet, is anyone selling one? I've found a few places that require me to send a either a tracing or the actual article, problem is, if I remove it, I'm pretty sure it'll fall to bits. Anyone? Thanks
Yeah, I saw that site. It sounds perfect, but the shipping to the UK (as that's where I'm based) is the same as the cost of the pickguard, so it's kind of a last resort.
Well it's not going to be any cheaper to make one yourself or get someone to custom make on. I'd either go with them or keep an eye on ebay to see if anything turns up..
Yeah, you're right, thing is, they require a tracing or the original piece, which, like I said, isn't really an option. I don't trust myself enough to make one so.... eBay monitoring it is!

I had one made for me at a local trophy shop. They even had the multiple ply black/white/black material.
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