Just a quick question: I've been experimenting and I really like trying out dissonant chords, but I wanna expand. Anyone have particular favorite dissonant chords? Better yet, where can I find a list of some?
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Extended altered chords are good for dissonance.
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Tritones and the regular 2-notes-one-semi-tone apart (ex: 7 on b string, 10 on g string so it's an F# and F) are both fun - you can even tie them together, and it really doesn't sound bad. Veil of Maya did this on It's Not Safe to Swim Today and the clash kind of evens out the dissonance caused by the two separately.
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in a minor jazz context, a iM7 chord can sound pretty sweet

Also, idim7 to iim7b5 is cool and fairy-tale like when arpeggiated
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Stacked "Devil's Thirds" chords. Basically flat the fifth during powerchords. Example:
G--------- 5
D--------- 4
A ---------3
As Hail said... clusters would be pure dissonance... especially minor 2nds apart... Add the high E to his example... and there you have an awesome cluster.
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+1. Dissonance is relative.
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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
german aug 6 with an added 7th. basically has a bit of a tone cluster (#4,5,b6).


whatever this chord is, again, tone clusters are your friend.
Minor 7th flat 5th? Use it as the ii* in a minor chord progression or the vii* in a major chord progression. You won't even have to break out the chromaticism, lol.
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