I was just listening to some recent home recording work I've done, and one of my personal complaints I had as a newbie to the process was that my recordings were too muddy. Now I recently noticed that they are starting to sound VERY clean as I've learned and incorporated different mixing and post-recording production techniques. I'm glad I have a greater level of competence over my projects, but I can't help wondering if all this cleanliness is sterile? Maybe it's not as clean as I think, but something sounds...off.
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It's all in the performance. A mediocre song recorded pristinely is still a mediocre song.

I haven't heard your songs so don't take offense. But yes, I also believe that recordings can be too clean. Sometimes imperfect recordings sound so much more real and soulful.
Are you recording directly to the mixer or from positioned mic>mixer? The second one is where the tone's at.
Unless your amp is just being sterile. Then you need to twiddle with it to give it some character.